the art of layering.

Layering clothing sounds like an easy thing to do, however if you want it done right, it can cause a lot of trial and error as I found out. Textures, colours and ordering all play a part in bringing the outfit together and when done correctly, can make the outfit look even more creative which was what I was going for.

It's autumn right now (borderline winter) which means freezing cold weather and a lot of wrapping up for warmth. I tried something new with this outfit and experimented with the layers rather than just piling on clothes which took me forever to figure out but i'm pretty happy with the results.

I started with my everyday skinny black jeans which is one of my staple items (A pair of black skinny jeans is a necessity) and knew I wanted to pair my bomber jacket with the outfit but I didn't want to turn the outfit into street wear. My wardrobe is very monochrome and I'm trying to incorporate colour into what I wear with the limited items I have, so I thought the yellow top was the perfect choice. I thought the outfit looked too plain though even with the pop of colour and this is where I stole the layering idea of my friends. At school they often wear jumpers over high neck tops, however I don't have a jumper that would suit this technique so I tried a variety of white tops instead. I settled on this almost sheer white top with blue stripes around the rim which I think adds to the simplicity of the outfit and then I just paired it with my boots to make it look a bit more sophisticated and voila, I created a layered outfit.

Bomber Jacket-???

High Neck Top-H&M

White Top-Forever 21



My favourite thing about this process is that you probably don't have to buy any new clothes to do this and I've managed to create a few tips for layering clothes:

Know what you're dressing for.

There's no point layering the clothes perfectly with the most thought and creativity if you're going to be somewhere warm, take off all your layers and let all the hard work go to waste.

Pay attention to the pieces individually.

If one of the layers is a statement piece (bold/main focus) then be careful of what you put over or under it as you don't want it to drown with everything else or catch all the attention and not showcase all the layers.

Don't over complicate it.

Simplicity is key.


The whole point of the process is to come up with something new without having to buy anything so the more unique and different, the better.

Just have fun with it.

Because why not?

see ya later