january looks.


To get into the new year, I've been getting ready for a bit of reinvention, both internally and externally. So I've been inspired to change my look even though I don't have much money, but I'll see what I can do.

01. matching suit set

Recently, I saw a girl in the year below me wearing a red and blue pinstripe suit and I was in love. It looked smart and edgy and I just didn't understand how it was possible to look that good? So I now need one in my life. End of discussion.

02. jumpsuit

Following my love for the pinstripe suit, I stumbled across this jumpsuit from New Look which I found in the sale and loved (and have now ordered so hopefully it fits when I receive it) I can just imagine myself wearing this for sixth form which a turtleneck and my loafers and looking super edgy and I'm just VERY EXCITED

03. backpack

This is a 90s backpack (that kind of looks like a briefcase) that I found ages ago from Monki, however I have no idea if it's still available to buy. I just want to have a large collection of black backpacks because why not?

04. chokers

As one of my Christmas presents, I got a few chokers which I'm in love with. I tend to wear chokers on the days that I don't wear turtlenecks and I think they definitely improve my outfits and make them more individual and feel like 'me'

05. dolcis monk buckle shoes

For the past year I've been wearing chunky black loafers and sadly they have a hole in them so the search for new shoes IS ON. I found these shoes and have a weird crush on them, I find them a little bit ugly but that's what makes them quirky and make me love them? and I feel like it would be a very bold shoe for my reinvention period. However, *sigh* I have looked everywhere on ebay and other websites, but none of them have my size. Someone explain how this is possible that they have every other size on multiple sites but mine? my frustration levels are HIGH AND KICKING.

06. cynthianyongesa

I am just in love with this photograph so f****** much.

1. the colour contrast is beautiful YET unreal.

2. she looks like an angel and her pose is so effortless

3. that smile is magical. I feel a strong sense of individuality and happiness from this photo which is what I want from 2017.

07.@theblvckbeauty @unearthe

I screenshotted this from her snapchat, which you can probably find somewhere as she has a youtube channel but again I love this photo because she just looks so damn cool. And can I just say I love her glasses?? I really like that they're transparent and just add to her 'aesthetic'. (watch her videos and stalk her two instagrams, then you'll see what I mean) I want a pair that have clear lenses as I don't wear glasses but I want to use them to spice up any boring outfit I have. I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE.

08. rings My love for rings runs deep. I haven't worn them for months as I lost my favourite one and I just often forget I have them but I love the idea of accessories for your hands which is why I love rings and bracelets. I tend to like minimalist ones though so simple silver/gold rings and a single strap leather bracelet will do it for me. However I think rose gold is the prettiest colour ever and this ring is to die for, it's just stunning.

09. adidas and funky socks.

I mean I really really want adidas superstars, I just don't have the money for them but I also like how you can switch up a very mainstream shoe with some brightly coloured socks and make a very artsy and fashionable comb, which describes my whole reinvention outfits to be honest.

hopefully January will be the reinvention month I've been needing and waiting for.

see ya later