visuals part 01.

I just love the word 'visuals'. I get so many creative ideas and themes when I hear this word because for me personally, it just gives me the vibes of an aesthetically pleasing video or photo shoot.

First of all, music videos. I am obsessed. A great music video always strengthens my love for the song featured and when musical artists call their music videos 'visuals', I instantly get excited. Something about the word, treats the video as an art form or some sort of masterpiece which I love. So instead of being boring, I'm going to call them visuals too.

TOP 5 VISUALS [not in order]

01. Cruel-Snakehips ft. ZAYN

Everything about this video is actually perfect. First of all the colours are ridiculously beautiful. And anything that has neon lights in it, I pretty much fall in love with. I really like the simple concept of being in a club-esc scene and admiring a girl from afar and just the endless video shot honestly makes the video so fascinating. Overall it just flows and goes with the song perfectly.

02. Every Step Every Way-Majid Jordan

Beautiful. This video is just so aesthetically pleasing to watch and jam to. The moody center with the mix of colourful and interactive drawings are so so good. Everything just goes together perfectly and I wish they had used this concept for their video 'Her' even though that's still nice to watch as well but the balance of blue and moody to pinks and purples in this visual are spot on.

03. Dangerous Woman-Ariana Grande

As simple as the video may be, I'm in love with the finer details. First of all the odd VHS/tape effects included on the video definitely make it less polished and more raw and cut up which I like. As well as that, I like the projections, because there is such a thing as 'too perfect'. I am also obsessed with the slightly shakey close up shots that have been taken. As a whole the visual seems more like a home video than a music video and has that small sense of nostalgia which is emphasised by the effects.

04. Babylon-SZA

Another simple one. However, each individual clip brings something different to the visual. The slow nature shots give the video a more creative approach, and almost builds up the suspense for the video itself. The rest of the video is filmed slowly and calmly as if there's no rush and there's been a lot of thought process behind it which I again LOVE and even the part where she's removing all her belongings and setting them down is so relaxing to watch. EVERY CLIP MATTERS and even though the subject of the song and video isn't a happy one, I STILL FEEL AT EASE(while it's haunting me-weird huh?)

05. MANIA-The Weeknd

The day this visual was released i'm pretty sure I watched it ten times. I fell in love with the colours and contrasts plus each snippet of the songs featured matched perfectly with the clips included. Each scene is vastly different from the last but still somehow links, and the subtle storyline/plot is to die for.

see ya later x