New Chapter, New Blog

Hello I'm Back!

I'm not going to lie to you, it's been a while. I've had some posts here and there which have now been removed as recently I didn't feel as though my heart was wholly into my blog. This lead me to take an official break from blogging.That lasted 2 days. I then realised it wasn't my attitude that was the problem but it was that my ideas didn't match the vision of my blog and website. I needed a change. A switch up. Something less tacky and more professional but still youthful. So here we are. A new website design. Over the past month I've been working on my website and it's direction to ensure it's the best it can possibly be.

As you can see there are some similarities but many many differences and more exciting things to be added. Soon I hope to upload wallpapers and screensaver designs for you guys to download .(It might take a few months so give it time)

I have created an aesthetically pleasing newsletter layout; if you are unaware, this is an email that notifies subscribers on when there's a new post, in which I will also be including recommendations of my favourite things and information about new content/projects that i'm working on.

I've added a mood board section so that you can see monthly what I am being inspired by as well as a commenting section for blog posts which is for any potential feedback you'd like to offer.

I just felt that since i'll be moving onto a new chapter of my life next month, I needed to make changes to match with the theme of my life at the moment: 'Growing Up'

So yes, my content will be a little different from now on, but better. This also means I may not post as often (maybe once or twice a month) as I have university and plenty of other side projects because trust me..

I'm always working.

But don't hesitate to follow me on my socials for a more frequent and up to date briefing of what i'm up to and working on.

Anyway I have plenty of new ideas to start getting to work on so I shall speak to you guys very soon.

lots of love xx