highlights (sep-dec)

So somehow I've finished my first term at uni? The time flew by like crazy and I can't believe that in six months I will finish my first year. WHAT? Anyway as much of a whirlwind it's been, I've had so many good moments and made so many memories. TOO MANY MEMORIES infant but here are some of the highlights.

Moving to London

(Obviously) Living in London has fully transformed me into my best self. I cannot get enough of this city. Being able to be within all the chaos and be surrounded by people even more crazy and fashionable is the most fun and inspiring atmosphere to be in. I feel at home here.

Growing Knowledge

In the past couple of months I've been to a couple events to help me with my journey to being a full time content creator. One being Social Media 101 which was held by MTV and the other was NME Lifehacks held by NME Magazine. Both were completely different experiences but both enriching in their own way. I've loved being able to learn thanks to those who are experienced in the field and be surrounded by others of a similar mindset. My Goal for 2018 is to attend more events similar to these, grow my knowledge in the field I want to work in and allow my side projects to grow in full force.


On a less serious note, I experienced itsu for the first time this term and wow I am embarassed that I did not try it sooner. I've only been twice (and ordered the same thing on both occasions) but boyyyyyy it was good. Another level of genius and amazingness.

Typical Art Student

Now that I'm in London 24/7 I've used it to my full advantage as a creative student and have to been to quite a few galleries/exhibitions. The ones that have stood out to me have to be the California: Designing Freedom exhibition at The Design Museum and the 180 Strand gallery. Both were unrealllll. The Designing Freedom exhibition was based on all the products/designs to have come out of California and to see the range and progression of all the products was too large to comprehend. The 180 Strand gallery had a range of artists and materials and each and every one had a purpose and beautiful aesthetic quality to it. It was so good the first time that I went again two weeks later.

Blue Hair

And last of all my blue hair. If you follow me on instagram you would have seen that a month ago I got blue braids and even though I was unsure of it being too bright at first, I've grown to fall completely in love with it. It's something that 17 year old me would be too scared to do and to actually make wishes I'm nervous but excited about come true is too much of a highlight. It's bold and makes a statement which is exactly why I love it.