aesthetic? what aesthetic?

‘Aesthetic? What aesthetic?’

A word very familiar in my life.

aesthetic-a individual’s set of ideas about style and taste, along with its expression:

-relating to the philosophy of aesthetics; concerned with notions e.g. the beautiful and

the ugly

-concerned with the study of the mind and emotions in relation to the sense of beauty.

-something pleasing to look at.

It must have been a few years ago now, when I first discovered what the word ‘aesthetic’ was and what it meant to me, and even now in 2018, this word is the bane of my existence like many other young creatives.

Aesthetics for me first became a 'thing' from Tumblr.

2013 was the year I delved into the insightful world of Tumblr and was overloaded with black and white grunge, holographic images and song lyrics perfectly matched with sunset backgrounds. These somehow all contributed to the 'Tumblr aesthetic'.

Everyone seemed to know about it and take part in it or at least aspire to.

Everyone seemed to be exactly the same.

At the time I didn't care for creating my personal aesthetic. Everyone was too similar in what a teen’s attitude should be or how they should look like, that I didn’t bother to copy something that I personally didn’t relate to and didn’t even know how to adapt it to make it my own.

I didn't want to follow the trend and restrict myself within boundaries (as aesthetics can do) and abruptly decided to not pay any attention to it.

2014 came around and my newly curated Instagram was filled with low-quality selfies and random images of food whilst my Tumblr was filled with lyrics of popular songs alongside images of The Vamps(my obsession of the time). However, I still admired and envied those with themes and consistency on their blogs. I desired the sleekness and professionalism that themes gave to a person’s feed and character but I didn’t know where to start. As a young teen, I hadn’t really developed much of an identity so for me to base a theme/colour etc. on my everyday life/activities was not plausible for me.

As time went on, I grew up. I became even more invested in art/graphic design and my obsession with neon started to expand.

You could say this started off 'my aesthetic.'

I would constantly come across hundreds of images on Tumblr of grungy neon pink signs, so it wasn't hard for me to fall in love with. This love expanded to sunsets which eventually resulted in my admiration for vibrant colour and sharp contrasts.

I started to reblog and pin anything that stood out to me from these categories and even started to post my own versions on social media.

Soon after, my interest in blogging and YouTube was growing rapidly and I soon realised that consistency was key for my personal growth on social media. I took more care in the quality of photos I took, cared more about my feed and gained inspiration from other social media accounts.

Eventually this also translated properly into my fashion tastes.

I started to have an admiration for men’s shirts (and still do) and tried to wear more bright and colourful clothing instead of my monochrome looks and this year, I even experimented with different hair colours.

My aesthetic has turned from simply a Tumblr feed into the way of life. It’s something that’s evolved and surprisingly couldn't verbally explain to you what it is. It’s just an intangible thing that exists and makes up who I am.

An aesthetic is adaptable to each person. It isn't just handed out, it grows.

And even then, is hard to maintain.

Each one is different.

Someone’s aesthetic may be nature or another’s may be a certain shade of yellow or even film photography.

it’s not fixed, it’s not right or wrong, it’s just (as cliché as it might sound) you.