anti-everything x3

I love graphic clothing. Anyone who is close to me knows this.

However if you searched through my wardrobe this love would not be that obvious.

'Why is this?'

Well as many of you know, a lot of retail shops do sell graphic clothing but.. they're not very good.

They're cringey, poorly designed and try too hard to be relatable - for example, tops with 'I'm a unicorn' or 'Netflix is bae' etc. written on the front. Well anyway, I found a way around this problem.


I somehow found myself sifting through the men's graphic clothing section of the Forever 21 site and OH MY GOSH I WAS IN LOVE. The amount of graphic tees I put in my basket that day was almost comical.

But as I am living the 'student with a budget' lifestyle, I settled for one particular tee (which I surprisingly got a lot of positive feedback for)

So the secret? Mens graphic clothing is amazing. The downfall however is the sizes.

I bought this top in a XS and the top still fell down to my knees (I am a VERY short person though so take from that what you will) which is why I decided to tie up the shirt instead and it actually worked well.

It may be annoying to constantly tighten the knot throughout the day but its 1000x better that way for me than wearing a top with 'Eat, Sleep, Netflix, Repeat' in glittery cursive writing on my body.


graphic tee - Forever 21

Trousers - New Look

Trainers - New Look