new month, new music 01.


I thought I would switch things up and instead of posting a mixtape on my youtube channel, I would post my music recommendations on here instead. This is simply because I have filmed the next volume of my mixtape multiple times but never seem to be able to get it right so to make it easier and more regular I'll be posting them on my blog instead, anyway enjoy!

01. nah time/tek time - dvsn

So this is technically two songs in one but acts as one song and is a MASTERPIECE. I personally prefer the tek/time section of the song (which is the last half) but both halves work extremely well together. The first time I heard this song, I felt a deep feeling in my chest/ heart and this doesn't happen often, meaning that its super good. Other examples of when I've had this feeling are with House Of Balloons - The Weeknd, SHE DON'T LOVE ME - Zayn and Tomorrow - BTS.


02. U - Jaden Smith

Honestly everything about Jaden Smith's album kills me. The colours, the lyrics and the visuals: all of it is just amazingly produced. However, even though the project is stunning as a whole, I personally only really love 2/3 of the songs, but don't get me wrong I could listen to the whole album for days on end.

03. Recovery - Broods

ANOTHER AMAZING SONG. I've listened to Broods' music before but somehow only discovered this song recently and just WOW. I love the raspy vocals alongside the ever changing beat of the song which makes the production top quality and I will forever be in love with the song. I also recommend Medicine, Never gonna change and Are you home.

04. Not Today - BTS

If you don't know who BTS is, you need to get to know. BTS is a South Korean band that fuses a bunch of different genres together - R&B, Pop, Rap, Hip-hop and EDM. My love for these boys grows even more every day and not just music wise but simply their personalities. Because of the multiple genres they experiment with, everyone should be able to find one BTS song that they like and their choreography? MIND BLOWING. Not Today is just one of the many amazing songs/ music videos that they have but other great ones to check out would be DNA, Blood Sweat and Tears and Mic Drop remix. (Even if you don't like the music itself, the visuals on the songs listed are enough to make you love them)

05. Supplies - Justin Timberlake

A TUNE. A WHAT? A TUNEEEE. I don't have much to say on this song apart from the fact that it can only be described as very vibe-y and even if you don't like it at first listen, it'll definitely grow on you. Justin Timberlake was my first true love as a child and even many years on, he is still able to make amazing music for me to fall in love with it.

06. Boys Like You - Tanerelle

This song is quite slow at first but then the chorus is dark and hits you hard, which somehow made me feel like I had boy troubles even though in reality I have none. The raspy vocals stand out among the slow-is beat and can feel over-powering but in a good and immersive way. Both work together extremely well.

07. Close Enough - R.LUM.R

THE VOCALS. THE RASPINESS. THE LYRICS. It's all too much for me, the lyrics are really deep and reflective and overall just a beautiful song. I personally think it's completely different from any other song on the radio right now and feels relatable (even though again I am inexperienced). Another song I would recommend is Close Enough.

08. Bliss - Alayna

Literally what the song is called. Every time I listen to this song it 'feels like bliss'. I feel calm, collected and pure. (I'm not even exaggerating) I also think by now you can tell I love raspy vocals so listening to her voice is an easy and soothing listen. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

09. Attention - Charlie Puth

Even though this song was released back in April 2017, I developed a love for it very quickly. A love I haven't been able to get rid of since and I could honestly listen to this song on loop and not get tired of it. The bass, the piano, the vocals the lyrics.. BEAUTIFUL + GROOVY x 70000

10. Dusk till Dawn - Zayn ft. Sia.

So this song was released back in September and I will forever be in love with it because of course it's by one and only - ZAYN. His and Sia's voices really compliment each other well and pair beautifully was the instrumental which genuinely feels like I'm sitting at the beach watching the sunset. No lie.

So that's the second volume of my mixtape series and I hope you found at least one song/artist that you fell in love with like I did. (For more regular updates on what I'm currently listening to, feel free to check out my Spotify playlists - alexandradawsonxx )