new month, new music 02.

01. Bloom - Troye Sivan So Bloom for me, is the feel good song of the summer, it's groovy, deep and the whispery vocals paired with the pounding beat is infectious. The lyrics are also super heart warming and it's definitely a song I will keep on replaying for the many months to come.

2. Fake Love - BTS

As I mentioned in my last 'new month, new music', I am obsessed with BTS (as everyone should be) and last month they released a brand new album by the name of 'Love Yourself:Tear' with Fake Love as a title track. The song derives from emo-hip hop which to me comes off as dark alternative pop which is right up my street. Other songs I would recommend off their album would be Anpanman, (kind of a hype dance song) Singularity(smooth Neo-soul/r&b vocals) as well as Outro:Tear (the most swelling instrumental and amazing rapping you'll hear in your life)

3. Wanna Be Missed - Hayley Kiyoko

This song instantly struck me when I heard it a couple of months ago. It has the most smooth and angelic vocals and as many of you know I'm a fan of songs that make me feel like I'm on another world, or up in the clouds - to some extent: ethereal. I don't listen to the radio/ top charts as much anymore but I can't imagine anything currently sounding like this, it's different and has a certain edge to it which I love.

4. Entertainer - ZAYN Zayn has always been my number one up until recently when he hasn't been as prominent pushing my love for BTS to take over, however he still holds a special place in my heart. Earlier this year he released the song 'Let me' which I personally wasn't a fan of simply because I wasn't drawn in by it, however with 'Entertainer' I was completely swept away which is surprising since it's quite mellow, but the vibe it emits and the soft vocals are what attracts me to it.

7.Joyride - Tinashe Tinashe released her album a couple of months ago, which I wasn't as much as a fan of compared to her first album Aquarius. Joyride in particular was a song that struck me because it had everything I wanted, a build up, layering of vocals plus deep and dark instrumentals - basically just nailing the alternative r&b vibe to the max.

8. IDWK - VVBBS and Blackbear

Another possible song of the summer! I only heard this a couple of days ago so it's still a bit fresh but I had to include this song in the list for sure. I'm only familiar with Blackbear out of this collaboration but I love how well he suits the song even though his music isn't typically dance tracks. The song itself also has a super infectious beat that I can't get over and will for sure be another song that I'll have on repeat.

9. I Hope You Know - bLAck pARty

A VIBE. With a similar structure to 'BLOOM' in terms of the raspy vocals over the infectious drake-like beat, the pairing makes a super enjoyable listen. This song gives that late night house party vibe with the echo-y music and chill atmosphere which I love - it surprisingly is my go to song to calm me down.

10. Like A Mercedes - Lexie

So I actually discovered this song through the online I-D magazine website. Lexie is a Chinese r&b artist who perfectly switches between the English and Chinese lyrics and fits right into the current alternative r&b artists of todays culture. 100% would recommend for those who are unsure about listening to non-predominantly english artists, so if this song doesn't change your mind, you're missing out.