time flies...

Blazer // Charity Shop

Turtleneck // H&M

Jeans // ASOS

Shoes // Converse

Bag // Monki

Badges // Saatchi Gallery

Ah it's been a while! I took a little break from blogging because of lack of inspiration and motivation but I can't believe I let my writing block go on for 7 months. If I'm being honest I think it started way before that as I didn't really post much in my first year of university either.

I just have so much going on with uni work and trying to have fun with friends that I forget that I even have a blog in the first place? I rarely vlog too as I'm trying to live 'more in the moment' these days rather than always recording what I'm doing.

If you watched my most recent youtube video (art-ing with Alex #1) then you'll already know that I took a 9 day break from instagram, which was something I never knew I needed until I did it.

The action was so simple yet allowed me to revalue the little moments I spend with my friends/by myself that I couldn't physically share on instagram and also help me focus on how I can live 'my best life'.

I highly recommend doing this if you feel a bit off/ unhappy and you don't have a particular reason why you are, it will definitely help you re evaluate everything. (hint hint to the theme of the playlist that is featured at the end of the post)

Okay so let me brief you on all the things that have happened since I last posted in July.

1. I found out that the 2nd year of a degree is way more intense than I thought. It's not necessarily harder, it's just that I'm having double the work which makes everything much more difficult to balance.

2. Because of this I quit my job, because I needed to focus on university work and actually have time for myself on my off days.

3. I had my first concert experience and it was life changing in a way? I have no idea why I didn't attend one sooner.

5. And finally I'm a bunch more happier than I was this time last year.

(The saxophonist started playing to us in the middle of the shoot and I obviously started laughing because it was sweet, he wasn't very happy when we didn't give him any money though)