a personal guide to self-care.

Over these quarantine months, I've been learning more and more about my needs and how to take care of myself which I thought might be helpful for some of you guys. And no this guide does not include bath bombs, candles or putting on a face mask.

I think it's important to mentally take note of the things that bring you comfort and joy when you need it most. 2018 was a tough year for me, (nothing major but just a lot of change and growth) and as a reward, I got to figure out a lot about myself and my quirks, as well as what my mind and body need to get out of a funk.

And with that being said, here is my personal guide to self-care.


I spend a large portion of my time engaging in visual content. Whether it be watching my favourite stand up specials, finding new music videos and live performances to obsess over or just some good ol' light hearted Netflix. Even though it can dangerously time consuming, it's nice to engage in content that can either be an instant serotonin booster or something to keep your mind off things.

My Recommendations:

Stand Up: Hasan Minhaj - Homecoming King // Mo Gilligan: Momentum

YouTube: Dylan is Not in Trouble - Watching All 3 "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL" Movies For First Time!

Netflix: Itaewon Class // Styling Hollywood

Live performance: [STATION] Gallant 'Only One' Live Video - Our Beloved BoA #3 // Emotional Oranges - Personal (Live | Vevo DSCVR)


The obvious take would be listening to your favourite songs/albums, but quarantine has just been months of podcast fever. Everyone is listening to all sorts of podcasts - comedy, advice, self help, the list is endless.The reason why they're so convenient is because they're easy to stick on in the background whilst you're woking, making dinner, going to sleep or on your daily commute.

My Recommendations:

Podcasts: Views with David Dobrik & Jason Nash // Commit or Quit

Album: Majid Jordan - Majid Jordan

EP: ?depacse ohw - Seori

Song: One Way - Jung Jin Woo


When I'm feeling down, I tend to give in more to my food cravings and guilty pleasures, but honestly I can't even disprove this method because sometimes that is exactly what you need. On the other hand, delving into a nice home cooked meal or dinner at your favourite restaurant will also do the trick.

My Recommendations:

Home Cooking: Spanish Chicken Bake // Chicken Stew

Eating Out: Anything from Wingstop // Korean Fried Chicken - Yamagoya // Chicken Yakisoba Bento Box - Wasabi

Guilty Pleasures: 5 pack freshly baked milk chocolate cookies - Sainsburys // Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ice-cream


Everyone has their own favourite things to do in their spare time, and over the years I've found the most joy in the simplest of things. Last year, my favourite activity quickly became attending concerts even if I was just a casual fan of the artist - and every single one was a great experience. But for obvious reasons, concerts aren't happening right now so instead I've found enjoyment in other things like chilling in the park for hours - chatting with friends, sitting by window late at night in the dark - listening to music through my speaker or even the simplest of things like scrolling through Tik Tok for long periods of time. (For future reference, Khalid's concert was a great few hours of feeling content and refreshed - 10/10)

My Recommendations:

Playlist: 12AM Playlist - best enjoyed at night.

Tik Tok: Namolla Family (watching this video is part of my morning routine)

naimmaa (a living legend)



Positive affirmations! Trying to see the bright side of things can be hard but this can also release stress in certain situations. However I do also like to let myself wallow in my sorrows for a little bit whenever I do get upset. It's important to remember that your feelings are valid no matter what scale, so letting myself be sad can help me process things. If I'm stressed, I'm more likely to rationally figure out how I can solve the problems I'm facing with structure like scheduling or to do lists. And if it's a combination then I'm more inclined to write down my thoughts and feelings just to get them out of my head. I normally scribble these down at a rapid speed without a pause to over analyze or evaluate what I'm writing. It normally gives me a breath of fresh air after writing it down and months on when I try to read whatever is legible of these notes, I'm often shocked by my honesty and raw emotion that was captured.

My Recommendations:

Muji B6 Notebook

0.38/0.5 Ballpoint Pen

And that's it! I hope that this post can make those shitty times even 1% better or just bring you some more sources of general enjoyment :)

see ya later