Quarantine favourites.

For obvious reasons, we've all been stuck inside. However even though I haven't really been purchasing anything new or trying out new places to eat, there has been a bunch of things that have managed to keep me sane and entertained over the past three months.

01. We're Not Really Strangers

The 'We're Not Really Strangers' game is meant to be played with [obviously] a stranger or someone you want to know more deeply about - delving into personal questions about emotions, current interests and opinions.

I haven't had the chance to purchase the physical game yet, however my friend Lucja [shout-out] and I played the quarantine edition pdf version over FaceTime and it was definitely one the most enlightening conversations we've had. As well as their products and social media posts aligning with the aesthetic heavens, it's a nice opportunity to get to know a friend or family member, deeper than face value.

[We're Not Really Strangers website]

02. Troye Sivan Interviews

I don't know what it is about him, but I've always found Troye Sivan super entertaining. Towards the start of quarantine, Troye had been doing a huge amount of online interviews and video segments that keep popping up on my recommended list, so it's safe to say I've watched a large majority of them (if not all).

Due to the fact that I was a fan of his content when he was a YouTuber many years ago, his interviews make me feel like I'm back in that time period again with a very relaxed attitude.

[Recommended video: Troye Sivan Goes Undercover on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram | GQ]

03. Queer Eye Season 5

Apart from handing in my final university projects, last week consisted a lot of working my way through season 5 of Queer Eye, and I have to say that this might be the best season yet? If you're unaware, the show features The Fab Five (5 Gay men, each with their own specialism) who help the Heroes (the name given to the nominees they help) better their lifestyle in one week. Now the past heroes have always been super deserving of this experience but something about this season's selection makes you really fall in love with the amazing people they are, it's genuinely so baffling as to how great of a human they all are. (Also Bobby's interior design jobs this season have also been another level of gorgeous)

[Queer Eye Season 5 trailer]

04. Music Interlude

Album: D-2 - Agust D (alterego of Suga of BTS)

AGUST D (aka Suga) finally released a mixtape, four years after his first one and this album really is a rollercoaster ride in the best way. Before I got into K-pop, (I guess in this case Korean rap) I struggled to listen to rap albums since I don't have the best attention span unless the beat/flow captures me straight off the bat. However Agust D really manages to experiment with so many different tones and topics in one project. The start is filled with hype and aggression and the end is super emotional and personal. My top 3 would definitely have to be the title track Daechiwta, What do you think? and the last track Dear my friend.

Songs: Cherry - Rina Sawayama

Rina only appeared on my radar two months ago when I came across tweets about her new album [SAWAYAMA] on my timeline - And oh boy is that album experimental. Every song is surprising in the best way possible and nothing sounds the same. I really got into the song 'Comme Des Garcons' (a club banger) but as of recently I've been playing 'Cherry', a song from her previous EP.

Save Room for us - Tinashe

I loved this song as soon as it came out with her album [Songs For You] but during this past month, I had to use a section of the song for my university project and I fell in love with it all over again.

[Save Room For Us Music Video]

Candy - Baekyun

I've never really listened to much of Baekyun's music before but this song really did it for me. Within the first few listens, I knew it would be a song that I would love even months in the future. It fits perfectly with my style - a mix of pop and r&b with aesthetically pleasing visuals and trendy choreography.

[Candy Music Video]

05. Unfiltered podcast.

If you're familiar with David Dobrik's Vlog Squad then you'll know who Zane and Heath are. The duo started this podcast late last year, and I love that it's not only audible but visual too. There's something about being able to physically view a podcast that makes me much more engaged than a regular audio version. The episodes are often filled with random anecdotes, opinions on documentaries, discussion on the latest pop culture events, as well as memes (literally everything) and they format it in such a way that you feel like you're in the room with them. Definitely the highlight of my week.

[Recommended video: Sneaking David Dobrik into a Private Celebrity Party - UNFILTERED #24]

06. The Big Flower Fight

I never knew watching florists creating supersized floral sculptures could be so competitive yet captivating. The show has a similar structure / sense of humour to Great British Bake Off and if you're any type of creative or at least appreciate creative work, I guarantee that you'll enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the finished products at the end of each episode. I know absolutely nothing about flowers but this series made we genuinely want to be a florist even though I hate insects so that wouldn't work out very well. If I could be a florist with artificial flowers or flowers that don't attract bees then I would happily start tomorrow.

[The Big Flower Fight trailer]

07. Filly and Chunkz (Footasylum)

Lucja and I keep obsessing over this duo from the YouTube channel Footasylum. I haven't watched a ton of their videos, but I've watched enough to know that they're comedic levels of hilarious and I genuinely cry tears of laughter when watching their videos. Their 'Does The Shoe Fit?' series is a classic piss-take on speed dating and then recently they've been doing online games like Pictionary, and quizzes on their friendship - they really just have the perfect dynamic. here


08. Katy Keene

Last but not least is the tv series 'Katy Keene'. (It's a spin-off from Riverdale so it has some familiar faces at times, but I stopped finding Riverdale enjoyable once it got to season 3, so I stopped keeping up with it) I watched all of the episodes within a couple of days, and it was kind of like a breath of fresh air for me. I love watching dramas but I get really restless when things are too suspenseful or the character does something stupid, so I often end up skipping through all of the episodes and ruining the viewing experience for myself. However, since this is a comedy-drama, it's really light hearted with a focus on ambitions and living in NYC - following the main character Katy, an aspiring fashion designer and her friends as they encounter multiple hurdles to get to where they want to be.

[Katy Keene trailer] (I don't think the trailer does the show justice but eh what can ya do)

And that's it! Hopefully next time I do a favourites post, I'll be able to include more products and foods [depending on this current pandemic] but I hope you're all healthy and well.

stay safe