the next chapter.

So I'm officially a 2:1 graduate and not a student anymore ... do I class myself as unemployed now?

I haven't really been caught off guard or freaked out; I've been preparing for this moment for months. Back in September, all that circulated my mind was the pressures and anxieties of my final year as well as having no idea what I wanted to do career wise.

Straight after handing in my final projects I felt a bit empty - unsure with what to poor all my energy into going forward. But over the past month, I've been proactive in partaking in things that bring me joy, and stopped putting off adult duties like educating myself on graduate accounts, moving out details and the obvious - looking for jobs.

A few months ago, I was pretty set on giving myself time to grow as a creative independently. But now? I'm starting to rethink everything. As much as I still don't know where exactly I fit in the creative world, I also don't want my ideas and passions to go to waste - It's a tough battle that I'm trying to internally figure out at the moment. If I had it my way, I would just freely do whatever I wanted for the next year, or even take on another BA degree, but life isn't that easy. The tough thing is figuring out where to start.

It's hard preparing for the next chapter or even 'era' of your life. Up until this point, everything has been so planned out for me. I've always known what my next step would be, and even if I didn't I figured it out soon enough. But this time, the direction I'm walking in is pitch black. But at least I know I'm going forward.

I really thought that I would have figured everything out in the past year but I also didn't predict a pandemic to come out of nowhere either. Maybe it's a sign that not everything needs to be planned and things will happen for me when they need to. A lesson that's always hard to come to terms with.

Parasite - Best movie of 2020

All that I can control is how I take this time to reflect, grow and remain positive. Life is tough, but it wouldn't be worthwhile if it was easy. I guess it's finally time for me to enter the next chapter.

see ya later